Location-independent return of dirty laundry for the highest hygienic requirements

A fully traceable laundry circulation flow also includes a return system. The temporary assignment between wearer and textiles is cancelled again after discarding and the employee's assigned quantity is reset.

At this point, the textile service provider takes over the UHF RFID-tagged and counted laundry. Thus, the stocks located outside the company are exactly traceable.


Benefit and function of our laundry return system

Central collection point

location-independent return for short walking distances.

Hygienic storage

Dirty laundry is clearly separated from fresh textiles.

Real-time stocktaking

Return stock is updated automatically.


Notification when maximum fill level is reached.

Precise timing

Emptying times can be set precisely.

Access control for service providers

For collection of dirty laundry via identification reader.

The return of dirty laundry is as simple as this


Prerequisite for the use of the laundry return unit are UHF RFID labelled textiles.



Application Options

Return unit for use with laundry trolley

  • For standard laundry roll cages
  • With lockable access flap
  • Closed by door with blinded front
  • Flexible positioning
  • Automatic notification when predefined fill levels are reached

Return unit for use with laundry bag

  • With locked insertion flap
  • Flexible positioning
  • Also suitable as a bayed column
  • Automatic notification when predefined fill levels are reached.

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