texLOG® cabinet solution - garment dispensing at the intelligent textiles cabinet

You are aiming for a round-the-clock supply of fresh workwear for your employees at a maximum speed of routing?

Then decentralised textiles dispensers with UHF RFID are the right choice. These can be set up anywhere in a flexible and space-saving manner. Exactly where your staff can access them most quickly. Thanks to the modular design, your cabinet solution can also be adapted to increasing staff requirements.


Benefit and function of our textiles cabinet

Guaranteed availability

Fresh and hygienically prepared textiles around the clock.

Verifiable change of clothes

Lean distribution of textiles ensures constant circulation.

Textile stock in real time

Textile stock can be reduced through exact stock monitoring.

Reduction of shrinkage

When the assigned quantity of textiles is exhausted, dirty clothes must first be discarded.

Saving of search time

Optimized to the routing in the company.

Integratable hygiene management

According to your company requirements.

How our texLOG® cabinet solution works


For the textiles dispenser as well, the basic requirement is garments equipped with UHF RFID transponders and ideally a defined distribution quantity per employee.



Application Opitions


The employee can only remove a previously defined quantity of clothing. After the removal of the textiles, the cabinet contents are updated and thus also the employee's assigned quantity. This makes the change of clothes verifiable.


  • Dispensing columns with UHF RFID antennas for detecting labeled textiles
  • Variable number of modular columns
  • Per compartment up to 50 labeled textiles
  • Interconnection of several cabinets possible
  • Low purchase and maintenance costs

Tip: Can also be used for dispensing stethoscopes, surgical gowns, personal protective equipment (PPE) or similar.


Compact system - Especially for retirement homes and nursing homes

Organise workwear cost-efficiently with low purchase costs.

With this combined clothing dispensing and return system, the right clothing in the right size is always available - independent of service times and staff. In addition, shrinkage and loss are avoided.

  • Space-saving due to compact size
  • 2 - 3 output modules
  • Capacity up to 300 items
  • Up to 33 compartments for optimal use of space
  • For 20 - 150 employees
  • Integrated return cabinet with laundry bag




For the handover of workwear, a cabinet solution consisting of a service column and 8 modular columns was implemented at NEXIRA in France. In addition, 3 large laundry returns have been installed.

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