Registration tunnel

Do you have large quantities of laundry in your incoming/goods outgoing department, but don't want to count everything individually by hand? Then use the KEMAS registration tunnel from today - fast, accurate and transparent.

The registration tunnel can be used wherever a quick registration of a large number of textiles is required. Thanks to the bulk scanning, up to 400 items of laundry can be counted automatically, e.g. in a laundry trolley. After successful scanning, the textile master data is visible in the administration software and can be processed further.

This greatly simplifies laundry deliveries to laundries in particular and shortens the process time enormously.


Functions and benefits of our registration tunnel

Convenient bulk capture

Up to 400 items of laundry can be scanned simultaneously.

Highest reading accuracy

Due to optimised scan algorithm.

Fast capture

No manual counting necessary.

Intelligent user guidance

Language-independent operation via light scroll bars.

Integration of existing processes

Delivery notes can also be captured via hand-held scanner.

High-quality hardware

Robust workmanship with sophisticated technology.

This is how the bulk capture of laundry items works


The basic prerequisite for the fast scanning of a large quantity of laundry is that it is equipped with UHF RFID transponders. The transponders are applied in advance with a pressure of four to five bar below the hem or on the hem of the textiles.

Before use, all articles must be defined in the system via the texNET administration software. The articles are available for selection again during the article entry process.



Application Opitions

Transponder patched in linen

Existing delivery notes with document numbers and customer numbers can also be easily captured via the hand scanner.


  • Four work processes can be selected:
    Incoming and outgoing goods, booking directly on delivery note, article registration for new items and serialisation of transponders.
  • Immediate check of the scan result at the operator terminal
  • Incorrect readings are avoided through standardised scanning cycles
  • Low maintenance costs

Tip: Can also be used for the entrance and exit of laundry streams in hospitals, hotels or industry.

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