Textile logistics for workwear and linen

Can you ensure that your employees have non-stop quick access to fresh workwear? Can you be sure that the clothing is changed daily? And how high is the loss due to unreturned laundry?

The supply of hygienically impeccable textiles is of central importance for employees, not only in the healthcare sector. Companies in the food industry, in clean rooms, research institutes or hotels also depend on it. Inventory control and planning reliability play a major role here. And last but not least, the staff should be relieved during the dispensing and return of textiles. With KEMAS texLOG® you automate your textile management. By using UHF RFID technology, the entire laundry cycle becomes transparent and your processes more economical.


Benefits of our textile logistics

Service available 24/7

Hygienic and secure transfer of textiles

100% transparency and high laundry availability

Optimal inventory management

Wide product range combinable according to requirements

complete logging of all processes

Experienced partner of laundries

Application options for our texLOG® systems


texLOG® room solution

Space-saving textile dispensing system for the central dispensing of workwear


texLOG® cabinet solution

Decentralised textile dispensing for maximum flexibility


texLOG® laundry return systems

Location-independent return of dirty laundry for the highest hygienic requirements


texLOG® registration tunnel for textiles

Flexible registration of all types of textile items in incoming and outgoing goods

Elements of our texLOG® solutions

system platform

The software platform KEMAS NET ® is the basis for the administration of all KEMAS system solutions:

  • Cross-location administration of all authorisations for persons, objects and devices
  • Definition of roles and rights
  • Automatic report generation on your most important key figures
  • Can be integrated into your existing software

tex NET is an additional application module for the administration and disposition of workwear and personal protective equipment.

tex NET controls:

  • garments (any size of stock list)
  • their allocation to the user (any size of employee pool)
  • as well as the administration of the dispensing and return systems



Interfaces avoid media discontinuity and doubled data maintenance.

  • CSV - import of personnel master data, carrier data, textiles data
  • XML - import / export of master data and authorisations
  • Web service - library for master data, authorisations and actions
  • OPC server - display of alarms and events
  • LDAP - import of staff master data and system statuses
  • NFC - comparison of system-specific features, data (person-, action-related)

Personal identification

For quick and clear identification of persons. If you already use an identification procedure, we may as well integrate it without high additional effort.

  • Personal identification e.g. chip or ID card

Object identification

For an unmistakable identification of textiles.

  • Object identification via textile UHF RFID transponders (contain article and wearer information)

Video - How does automated textiles management actually work?

Laundry Management by KEMAS texLOG®

Do you know your optimal stock of workwear? Can you be sure that your employees change their clothes daily? Can you guarantee that the dispensed clothing will be returned?

You want to optimise your textile logistics and reduce your costs? Then get in touch with us! With our RFID textile management machines, we will find the right solution for you.

360° texLOG® room solution

In our 3D hospital you can get to know our texLOG® systems for textile management for workwear and laundry.



In our 360° workflows you can interactively play through different processes and get to know our products and their application in a playful way.

The workflows are presented by our sales team. If you are interested in a guided presentation of our 360° workflows, simply contact us.

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Customer reviews


"Since 2016, Kemas has been a solid partner for Initial to develop, new RFID services. Their expertise & competence have contributed to implement stable & innovative solutions responding to our customers' requests."

Anne Sophie Lafeur |Workwear Sales Director at Initial France


"Together with KEMAS, we have done pioneering work in Austria. With the know-how of KEMAS and our expertise in textile supply, we have established cabinet space systems on the Austrian market in a very short time. In the meantime, numerous of our customers benefit from the advantages of the innovative solution and give us and KEMAS excellent feedback."

DI(FH) Erich Hering |authorised officer, Textilservice BROLLI GesmbH