Intelligent visitor management

Do your guests and external service providers still register in person at reception? Are visitor passes issued and returned manually? This ties up staff, often takes time and quickly a few details are missing from the visitor list.

With a professional visitor management system, everything is documented digitally - simply, transparently and efficiently. This gives you a quick overview of who was a guest in the company and when, and who needs to be informed in the event of an infection. And it additionally relieves your staff of documentation and routine tasks!


Benefit and function of our electronic visitor management

24/7 availability

Smooth and controlled access even outside office hours.

Optimised visit and appointment planning

This also allows you to comply with contact restrictions and safety distances.

Visitor log

Due to the complete documentation, you have an overview of the contact chains in your company at all times.

Automated issue and return

No more queuing at the reception desk and more time for the actual tasks.

Contactless registration

Reduce personal contacts between staff and guests in the company to a minimum.

High quality hardware

In the robust and high-quality systems, ID cards are protected against unauthorised access.

See how simple our visitor management works


Once installed, you can start immediately. In addition to registering directly at the terminal, your visitors may as well register via an online portal. They enter their contact details as well as date, time, place, occasion and the person they want to visit and submit the form. With contactless visitor registration, safety instructions or Corona rules of conduct can also be confirmed by signature directly at the terminal.



Application options


Two systems are available for depositing RFID cards: the card dispenser module for up to 100 badges, or the card module with 20 slots. An interface connects the visitor management with your individual access control system. In this way, the cards can be equipped with specific temporary access rights for issue on the day of the visit.

Visitor management for:

  • Visitor badges
    (e.g. MIFARE, LEGIC, HITAG ...)
  • Company badge / replacement badge
  • Other access media
    (e.g. keys ...)

Tip: With our digital visitor management system, you can also provide your guests with protective equipment such as face masks or antiseptics.

    Electronic reception

    Self-service solution for visitors, external companies and employees

    The electronic reception combines professional visitor management, digital key management and work equipment management in one self-service solution. This makes it a real all-rounder and serves as a central contact point for staff, customers and guests. Especially external service providers, e.g. security staff or technicians, need access to certain premises in the company, even outside working hours. Registration is performed digitally and visitor badges are issued automatically. Keys and other access media can be removed by your employees in the same way as any work equipment that may be required.


    • Online booking portal for visitors
    • Booking platform for work equipment
    • Real-time overview of visitors, removed access media and work equipment
    • Secure storage of bags, mobile phones or cameras during the visit

    Why not link your vehicle fleet management via the Electronic Reception as well? This allows your staff to access vehicle keys and to register or terminate business trips at the terminal. For all the applications described, various freely combinable subject groups are available. A large 15 inch touch display provides more comfort during input. The clear user interface is intuitive and easy to use.



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    Visitor management at thyssenkrupp Camshaft

    Introduction of an uncomplicated system for the registration and access of large numbers of visitors and external companies on a daily basis

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