Electronic key management

Are you annoyed by the key chaos in your company? Do you regularly waste time looking for keys because it is not properly documented who had the key last? Poor key management can lead to wasted time and irritation.

With our key handover system, we offer you a simple, secure and reliable solution for managing keys and other access media. You can define which employees have access to which keys and when, thus protecting the keys from unauthorised access. With automatic documentation of key movements, you always know where which key is and who had it last.


Benefit and function of our electronic key management

24/7 availability

Employees and external service providers have non-stop access to the resources they need.

Key log

Complete documentation prevents manipulation, shrinkage and theft.

Current key status

You know where which key is at all times and thus avoid long search times.

Specialised modules

Our modules have been optimised for different access media. This way you keep order and save space.

Access authorisation

With our user and role concept, you are maximally flexible and still retain full control.

High quality hardware

In the robust and high-quality systems your keys are protected from unauthorised access.

See how simple our key management works


At the beginning, the access authorisations are created for the employees. This allows you to determine who may access which key and when. Afterwards, the keys are provided with a transponder and deposited in a compartment.



Application options


Not all keys are the same. There are a variety of possible access media that can be used in a company and which have different storage requirements. With our specialised modules, you can organise your keys, key rings or key cards optimally, clearly and in a space-saving manner: You have the choice between slots for badges or individual keys and different sized compartments for bunches of keys.

Key handover system for:

  • Individual keys
    (e.g. office keys, master keys, ...)
  • Bunches of keys
  • ID cards / badges
    (e.g. company badge, visitor badge, ...)

Tip: With our electronic visitor management, you may as well enable access without keys - e.g. via QR code on the smartphone!



    Electronic key transfer for company and vehicle keys

    Company and vehicle keys are safely stored. Employees from external companies can also identify themselves via the electronic driver's licence control.


    Self-check-out for cleaned vehicles at Vienna Airport

    How a service company offers more added value to its customers by providing 24/7 accessibility and at the same time improves its order situation.

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