Handling of weapons, ammunition and PEDs

Do you use weapons, ammunition and emergency call devices in your company and wish to grant access to them to authorised persons in a secure and documented manner?

In the case of an incident everything must be available quickly. And above all, the removals and returns should be documented. However, manual recording is very time-consuming and may have gaps.

To support your staff, all removals and returns of weapons are logged electronically on the KEMAS system. This provides you with an error-free record of who had which weapon or personal emergency call device in use at which time, and you always have full control.


Application and function of our electronic management of weapons and emergency call devices

24/7 availability

Non-stop controlled and transparent access for authorised persons.

Electronic logging

All operations are logged - including unauthorised attempts.

Access authorisation

With our user and role concept, you are maximally flexible and still retain full control.

Transparent proof of use

Weapon, ammunition and emergency call device can be clearly assigned to a user. This minimises shrinkage and loss.

Loading safety

The mount of the emergency call devices is also the charging station. Thus, the devices are ready for use at any time.

High quality hardware

In the robust and high-quality systems, weapons and ammunition are protected from unauthorised access.

See how simple the management of weapons and call units works


Weapons are tagged in advance with an RFID label and assigned to a depository. Personal emergency call devices are as well assigned to a depository in advance. Access authorisations, alarm and time schedules allow you to determine exactly when which employee may access them.



Application options

Weapons cabinet for service weapon
Radio with charging cradle

The KEMAS solution will lead to more careful handling of emergency call and radio equipment. Nevertheless, it may happen that the devices have a defect and need to be repaired. A status check upon return informs your service team immediately and the devices can be made available to all users again promptly after repair.

Weapon management for:

  • Handguns and long guns
    (with separation)
  • Ammunition (as well separate storage)
  • Personal emergency call devices and radios

Tip: Especially for forensic psychiatric hospitals and correctional facilities, KEMAS has a solution that enables the management as well as the simultaneous issue and return of personal emergency call devices and cell keys as well as key bunches.

    Valuable additional functions

    Authorisation concept:

    4-eyes principle: removal of a weapon and ammunition only by authorised person and supervisor.

    Takeaway reminder & prevention:

    The law enforcement officer identifies himself with chip or chip card. Simultaneously it is checked via an interface to the access control system whether keys and weapons are back in the depot.

    Unique identification - bioverify:

    Comparison of unique biometric characteristics such as fingerprints or palm vein patterns.


    Please understand that no information from the high security sector is available for public.

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