Handling of drugs and substances

Where do you store medicines for your patients or residents at the hospital or at care facilities? Can you guarantee secure storage and verifiable withdrawal?

In order to comply with the legal requirements for theft-proof storage of medicines and the associated duty of care, electronic medicine management is recommended. Our narcotics dispensers have proven their value as transfer stations. Flexibly positioned, e.g. in the operating theatre anteroom or nursing station, they ensure that access to medicines can non-stop be transparent and monitored.


Benefit and function of our electronic medication management

24/7 availability

Controlled and transparent access for staff around the clock.

Electronic logging

All operations are logged - including unauthorised attempts.

Access authorisation

With our user and role concept, you are maximally flexible and still retain full control.

Inventory monitoring

You will receive a notification as soon as the stocks fall below the required minimum quantity.


Thanks to a multi-level fail-safe system, access to medicines is maintained even in the event of a power failure or no data connection.

High quality hardware

Medicines are protected from unauthorised access in the robust and high-quality systems.

See how simple our medication management works


In advance, the authorisations of the respective employees for stocking and removing the medicines and narcotics at the narcotics cabinet are defined and saved in the system. This prevents unauthorised access. Optionally, it is possible, for example, to label instrument containers and to tag medicines.



Application options

Narcotics cabinet
Narcotics cabinet
two different drawer slides
two different drawer slides
Medicine with pull-out compartment
Narcotics safe with pull-out compartment - Tilak

A range of different compartment sizes is available for the safe storage of medicines and narcotics. It is also possible to install a weighing platform for cost-intensive consumables.

Medication management for:

  • Painkillers and anaesthetics
  • Medical devices
    (surgical instruments, stethoscopes ...)
  • Protective equipment
    (e.g. face masks, surgical gowns ...)

Tip: If required, interconnections to the control centre or security centre are also possible in order to trigger an alarm for the respective narcotics cabinet without delay, depending on the incident.

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