Vehicle key management and order tracking in the car trade

Let's be honest - how often have you wanted to process a customer order and the car key is missing or you have the key but are looking for the right vehicle in the yard?

Searching and permanent enquiring costs time and therefore money. Time that is missing in the busy daily rhythm. Demonstration cars, new cars, used cars, customer vehicles, rental vehicles, service vehicles - wouldn't secure and documented storage be practical? Protected and with access for all authorized persons yet, installed at a neuralgic point. Better than any drawer!


Benefit and function of our order tracking for the car trade

Access authorisations

Monitored and transparent access for employees and external service providers

Current key status

You know where which vehicle key is at all times and thus avoid long search times.

Vehicle key log

Complete documentation helps you prevent manipulation, loss and theft.

Flexible vehicle handling

Increases service and customer satisfaction.

Integration into car trade processes

Open interfaces to dispatching systems avoid doubled data maintenance.

High-quality hardware

Vehicle keys are protected against unauthorised access in the robust and high-quality systems.

See how simple our order tracking works in the car trade


Access to vehicle keys is already defined in advance via an authorisation and role concept. Different areas such as sales, service or preparation can access vehicle keys via identification at the KEMAS key issue system at the car dealer.



Application options

Fach-Fahrzeugschluessel-KEMAS.jpgCompartment with vehicle key
sichere Aufbewahrung von Fahrzeugschlüsseln und Papieren im Fach
Vehicle key and registration monitored in the compartment
Fahrzeugschlüssel im Schubfach überwacht
Vehicle key monitored in drawer

Depending on the space required, vehicle keys, papers and documents can be stored in different modules to save space. You can choose between various sized compartments or drawers.

Key organisation at the car dealer for:

  • Customer vehicle keys
  • New and demonstration cars
  • Used cars

Tip: Reconditioners or TÜV (MOT) or Dekra employees also benefit from the system.

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