Manage vehicle pools and optimise utilisation

Is your vehicle pool economical? Are all pool vehicles evenly utilised? Are your employees mobile at all times - even electrically?

As a fleet manager you have to deal with this kind of questions every day and their implementation is often very time-consuming.
System solutions from KEMAS support you in managing, administering and organising your vehicle pool as effectively and efficiently as possible. At the same time, you can ensure that your employees and customers are mobile exactly when they need to be. Through intelligent dispatching, you can optimise time-consuming organisation and thus save process costs even after a short time.


Benefit and function of our pool vehicle management

24/7 availability

Contactless handover of vehicle keys and other resources at all times.

Permanent overview

You keep an overview of vehicle availability and utilisation at all times.

Optimal dispatching

Vehicles are automatically allocated according to your optimisation criteria.

Reservation platform

Book your mobility on the intranet, online or at self-service machines.

Electronic logbook

Thanks to the complete documentation, you can as well trace damage, for example.


All fleet key figures and reports at a glance.

See how simple our pool vehicle management works


Preparation involves the one-time creation of the vehicles and the assignment of access authorisations for the employees. Afterwards, the vehicle keys are provided with a transponder and deposited in the deposit.
The system automatically schedules the vehicles. Via the dashboard, you have an overview of all key figures and can thus optimise your stock.



Application options

Rückgabe der Fahrzeugschlüssel am Terminal mittels Transponder
Returning the vehicle keys at the terminal
Quick Check - simple damage recording during vehicle handovers

The organisational effort behind excellent fleet management is often underestimated: documenting drivers and driving times, accepting reservations, issuing and taking back vehicle keys, logging damage, assigning penalty notices, etc..

With our solution, you may organise vehicles across departments and locations or several pools at the same time.

Optimise your fleet to avoid long idle times and thus reduce costs!

Fleet management software for:

  • Vehicle keys
    (e.g. pool vehicles, rental vehicles, commercial vehicles, pedelec, industrial trucks ...)
  • Vehicle documents
  • Documents and inspection books

Tip: No more vehicle keys in the classic sense existing? No problem. You can also gain access to the vehicles via QR codes, for example.

    Ensure high availability

    It is the aim to provide mobility. Therefore, overdue bookings are cancelled after a certain time and the vehicles are made available to the vehicle pool again. If, on the other hand, a vehicle that has already been scheduled unexpectedly breaks down before the start of the booking due to damage or late return, it is automatically rebooked. Of course, it can also happen that your entire vehicle pool is fully booked at peak times. What then? Via an interface, the booking requests of your employees can be automatically sent to a car rental provider who temporarily adds the rental vehicles to your vehicle pool via the self-service machine.

    Additional functions


    Vehicle import from existing systems or planning of new vehicles


    Digital logbook with conflict check


    System can distinguish between private and business trips

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