NEW at KEMAS: fleet&easy - All-in-one solution for your fleet management

Imagine you would only need one system to organize your entire fleet? Wouldn't it make your everyday work much easier?

No matter whether you are responsible for five or 500 vehicles, whether they are trucks, excavators or cars, pool or company vehicles, company cars or rental vehicles - with our solution you will always have an overview of your entire fleet and stay constantly informed about all activities. Just a few clicks and you can add new vehicles, display the leasing overview or get automatic reminders of important dates such as TÜV or tire changes.

You are a managing director, fleet manager or purchaser in the company - Contact us about your solution perfectly tailored to suit you.


Benefit and function of ourfleet management

Digital vehicle file

You really have all your data in one place.

Full cost control guaranteed

You will have an eye on all vehicle costs at any time.

Convenient appointment management

You will be reminded automatically of all important appointments.

Automate work processes

No need for duplicate data maintenance.

Reliable driver recognition

Based on the driving license, the system recognizes the driver.

Easy-to-read dashboard

All fleet metrics and reporting at a glance.

Lead your fleet into the future without stress ...

... with our fleet management "fleet & easy" powered by carcontrol! compact - hands-on - easy to configure

This is what KEMAS Fleet Management can do

Manage fleet data

Contract management, new creation or damage management, you are in full control of all vehicles and costs.

Pool vehicle management

Simplified vehicle reservations, usage and utilization analysis and automatic notifications make your everyday life easier.

Save documents in one central location

You can save images and other documents at your fingertips.

Electronic driving licence check

Simple registration of all driving licenses in the company and automatic notification concerning follow-up checks. Always compliant with §21Road Traffic Act.

Digital logbook

Distinguish between private and business trips at the touch of a button and prevent data gaps.


Easily check the charging status of your electric vehicles.

Contact us now for advice on your fleet solution and save time and money right from the start!

Possible uses

A KEMAS terminal and vehicles in a car park
Permanent access to the vehicle key by means of a terminal

Even if there may be fewer and fewer of them - vehicle keys are still around. With terminals for indoor and outdoor use, you can store them securely and issue them to authorized persons around the clock.

Fleet management for:

  • departmental, company, service and pool vehicles
  • several vehicle pools, even at different locations
  • e-bikes
  • alternative mobility offers

Note: You can install our applications on your own server, for example, or use the cloud option.

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