Electronic driving licence verification with UHF RFID label

As a fleet manager in Germany, you are subject to the legal liability of the owner. According to the Road Traffic Act (StVG) §21, it is the obligation of those responsible for the fleet to ensure that all employees who are allowed to drive a vehicle in the company also have a valid driving licence or that any existing restrictions are observed.

Quite a lot of responsibility! With the digital driving licence check from KEMAS you are on the safe side. All driving licences are stored once in the system and provided with a UHF RFID label. Then simply define control periods and the automatic checking process begins - secure, transparent and legally compliant.


Benefit and function of our electronic driving licence verification

Audit-proof checking

This enables you to comply with the legal requirements for keeper liability.

Individually definable verification intervals

Checking entirely according to your company's specifications.

Data security

Generated data remains secure on your server.

Timely verification

Drivers and fleet managers are notified automatically.

Reduce effort

Manual effort is significantly reduced and frees up time.

See how simple our electronic driving licence verification works


Before the first journey, the employee shows his or her driving licence. A UHF RFID label is applied to the driving licence and the label ID is read in.

The driving licence data (e.g. driving licence number, authorised driving licence classes and any existing restrictions) are recorded and linked to the label ID.

Afterwards, the verification intervals are determined. The notification to resubmit the driving licence comes automatically via the system.



Application options

Führerscheine können zum Termin am Terminal selbständig kontrolliert werden
Driving licence verification for company cars and vehicle fleet

The driving licence label is applied directly to the employee's driving licence in a neutral place so that no important information is concealed. The Federal Ministry of Transport has no legal objections to the application of an RFID label to a driving licence. The label is designed in such a way that it is functionally as well as optically destroyed when an attempt to remove it is made. Thus, a transfer to third parties is excluded.

No more Excel spreadsheets or manual forms:

  • Employee is automatically informed by e-mail on the check date
  • Driving licence inspectors are automatically informed by e-mail as soon as a check deadline has been exceeded

Tip: The driving licence with RFID label can also serve as an identification medium for issuing vehicle keys. This allows you to check whether a driving licence is present every time you start your journey.



    Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG

    Introduction of electronic driving licence verification for approx. 3000 employees.

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