Management of tools and equipment

Are you tired of constantly wondering who has the missing measuring device again or whether the expensive special tools are really in use?

Unavailable or missing tools and work equipment cause delays in the workflow and cost real money. RFID-based transfer systems improve the workflow through higher availability and faster response times. The stock is recorded electronically, as is the removal and return. Various authorisation concepts ensure that only authorised persons have access. Your staff can reserve equipment for a specific period of time via the internal booking platform. In the reservation calendar, you always have an overview of upcoming appointments. With the help of intelligent tool logistics, you are able to define potential savings and reduce circulation quantities.


Benefit and function of our tool and equipment management

24/7 availability

Staff and external service providers can access the resources they need around the clock.


Complete documentation helps you prevent tampering, shrinkage and theft.

Current tool status

You know where which tool is at any time and thus avoid long search times.

Short response times

Defects are recorded directly on return and can be rectified quickly.

Reservation possible

Access directly when the tool is needed.

Specialised modules

Our modules have been optimised for different tools. Thus you keep order and save space.

See how simple our tool management works


Tools are equipped with an RFID transponder in advance and assigned to a deposit. User profiles are set up and roles and right sare defined.



Application Opitions


There are a variety of tools used in a company which have different storage requirements. With our specialised modules, you can organise your tools and equipment optimally, clearly and in a space-saving way: You can choose between various sized compartments or slots.

Tool management system for:

  • Measuring and testing tools
  • Expensive special tools
  • Bulky equipment
    (e.g. ladders, larger test stations ...)

Tip: Tools are often not needed throughout the whole day. If you share the tools with other employees, you can save costs for further purchases.

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