Organisation of working materials and IT equipment

If a spare part is not in stock, repair works cannot be carried out. If the laptop for the new employee is missing, he or she is not able to work. If there is no production buffer, the assembly lines come to a standstill. All this leads to considerable additional and consequential costs.

The handover automation from KEMAS is the central access point for the automated handover of work equipment. As soon as something breaks down or is missing, the employee has the possibility to pick further materials. The service provider receives a message about the removal and can replace the removed work equipment as quickly as possible.
This way you can always be sure that your employees are ready to work at any time.


Benefit and function of our work equipment and IT equipment management

24/7 availability

Staff and external service providers can access the resources they need around the clock.

Minimises downtime

No long waiting times for replacement equipment and therefore back to work faster

Reduces supply bottlenecks

Automatic information when a resource falls below minimum stock levels.

Bundled ordering and storage

Everything in one place.

Provides planning security

Inventory and utilisation rates are constantly updated.

Savings potential

Quantity in circulation can be reduced, same as production and personnel costs.

See how simple our work equipment management works


The administrator first imports the employee master data and then assigns different roles and rights to the employees. This way, withdrawal authorisations can be generated later, e.g. via QR code, and sent to the employees. It is also possible to integrate a deputy withdrawal or return by a commissioned supplier.



Application Options


Managed services: If external service providers such as IT suppliers or parcel delivery companies are integrated into the process, they can (if desired) also access the terminals around the clock. They can use their own authorisations to fill the terminals with new items and/or remove defective items and add them back in repaired condition. In the meantime, the employee can equip himself or herself with a replacement device and is immediately ready to work again.

Your IT kiosk for:

  • New IT equipment
    (e.g. laptop, mouse, headset ...)
  • Spare equipment
  • Production buffer material
    (e.g. precious metals ...)
  • Access cards and keys

Tip: Easy identification at the issuing machine for hardware e.g. via QR code on the smartphone!

    Video on Managed Services in companies

    High availability of your IT infrastructureohe Verfügbarkeit Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur

    Find out how you can make sure that your employees are always ready for work and save money in the process in our new video.

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