Optimised mail distribution and document management in the company

Do you know this: You do have a PO Box system in the company, perhaps in your department, but you don't know if and when documents are ready for you to be picked up or when a parcel is delivered. Wouldn't it make sense to be informed when a delivery is made?

With the delivery of mail and documents via an electronic PO Box system, you can access your documents quickly and easily. You are automatically informed as soon as something has been delivered for you - whether externally or internally. You can access it at any time. Until then, however, everything is kept safe.


Benefit and function of our mail and document management system

24/7 availability

Staff and external service providers can access the resources they need around the clock.


Delivery can be verified.

Targeted distribution

Mail and documents received from internal and external sources.

Provides planning security

Inventory and usage rates are constantly updated.

Savings potential

Circulation volume can be reduced, same as production and personnel costs.

High-quality hardware

Our modules have been optimised for different work equipment. This way you keep order and save space.

See how simple the provision of mail and documents works


Here, the user profiles with roles and rights are created once and deposits are assigned. Of course, you can change these settings at any time. If external service providers are to have access to the compartments as well, these can be created in advance, too.



Application Options


With the secure deposit of mail and parcels, you also relieve your employees. Not everyone likes to take responsibility for other people's mail. And the delivered employee can pick up his or her parcels when it really suits him or her and therefore does not have to leave his or her workplace.

Provision of mail and documents for:

  • Internal documents
    (e.g. secret mails, folders ...)
  • Mail from external
    (delivery via postal service provider)
  • Documents for customers
    (e.g. important bank documents, driver's license exchange ...)

Tip: Success already with the first delivery!

    KePol parcel stations

    The best delivery systems for the first and the last mile

    Your customers want to be able to conveniently access their delivered parcels around the clock. You as a service provider want to deliver parcels independently of opening and office hours.

    With KePol, parcel delivery becomes efficient

    • Reduce costs in the logistics chain
    • Increase customer loyalty - through safe and reliable delivery when and where your customer wants it
    • Convenient, safe and economical pick-up and drop-off of parcels around the clock

    Would you like to learn more about the automation of the first and the last mile for postal service providers? Then take a look at our parent company KEBA AG.



    Postal facility at Dolomitenbank Lienz

    Secure document handover to customers even outside counter opening hours.

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