Optimise internal company logistics and maintain an overview

You wish to be able to access work equipment, documents, goods or tools quickly? You want to standardise processes and maintain an overview of all resources?

Storage and dispensing processes are not always uniformly regulated. Employees additionally take on such "small tasks" as receiving parcels or handing out tools. However, these times add up and the recording of all expenses and returns is rarely error-free. This increases the concern as to whether there are enough operational work resources available and whether they are optimally utilised. KEMAS systems design process flows uniformly and reliably, automate them and provide important information on the use and condition of resources. Due to the contactfree handling, the Corona hygiene measures can be adhered to as well.


Benefits of our logistic solutions

Service available 24/7

Contactless handover

Non-stop overview of availability

Secure and reliable storage

Flexible access concept

complete logging of all processes

Reduction of shrinkage and losses

Application options for our systems


Management of tools and equipment

Economic use and availability of resources according to demand


Intelligent work equipment management

Dispensing automation for new equipment, replacement equipment and production buffers


Mail and document management

Mail and document delivery around the clock.


Click & Collect

simply shop online and pick up locally

Elements of our Logistics Solutions

Electronic compartment system

  • Compartments available in different sizes and combinable
  • Extendable column by column
  • Individual equipment e.g. vision panel, socket or network cable connection
  • Optional compartment monitoring
  • Mechanical emergency release
  • Installable into walls, mountable on walls or to set up as a stand-alone system
  • Reliable, robust and durable
  • Flexible colour design according to your company colours

Modular system

  • Any combination of drawer, slot, print module etc. according to modular principle
  • Extendable column by column
  • Compartment monitoring optional
  • Mechanical emergency release
  • Installable into walls, mountable on walls or to set up as a stand-alone system
  • Tried and tested, durable and hard-wearing
  • Flexible colour design according to your company colours

Reservation plattform

Easy and time-accurate reservation - exactly when you need the object. And if you do not need it in the end, an overdue booking is automatically cancelled and released again for other employees.


System platform

The software platform KEMAS NET ® is the basis for the administration of all KEMAS system solutions: 

  • Cross-location administration of all authorisations for persons, objects and devices
  • Definition of roles and rights
  • Automatic report generation on your most important key figures
  • Can be integrated into your existing software


Interfaces avoid media discontinuity and doubled data maintenance.

  • CSV - Import of personnel master data
  • XML - Import / export of master data and authorisations
  • Webservice - Library for master data, authorisations and actions
  • OPC server - Display of alarms and events
  • LDAP - Import of HR master data and system statuses
  • NFC - Alignment of system-specific features, data (person-, action-related)


For quick and clear identification of persons and objects. If you already use an identification procedure, we may as well integrate it without high additional effort.

  • Personal identification e.g. pin code, ID card, biometrics, QR
  • Object identification e.g. RFID tag or label, optical recognition or by weight

Are your interested?

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Head of Sales Security/Logistics

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