Financial service providers


Banks and insurance companies, in particular, often have an infrastructure that has developed over the years, which includes buildings and branches that differ widely in their year of construction and have different security equipment. Effective access management is the prerequisite for the reduction of loss and theft of keys and other access media, as well as the reduction of operating and administrative costs. The storage, scheduling and transfer of access media for employees and external service providers can be carried out by intelligent KEMAS terminals - "cash terminals" or "ATM's" for internal security, so to speak.

A central part of the solution is flexible permissions management, as well as the electronic verification of the transactions. The physical transfer of work resources and media can also be arranged using these systems. Media discontinuities are avoided through links with leading systems (e.g. access system, building automation). The KEMAS branch concept offers unique solutions, in particular for the integration of external service providers in the building management of nationwide branches.