Who is KEMAS?

Since 1991, KEMAS GmbH has been one of the leading suppliers in the field of customer- and employee-operated handover automation based on RFID technology. The company is located in Oberlungwitz at the MotoGP circuit Sachsenring.

The core competence of KEMAS is process-oriented self-service solutions for the transfer of company assets (e.g. keys, mail, work equipment, tools, textiles, weapons, etc.). The transfer solutions enable the collection, administration, safekeeping, disposition and transfer of objects with simultaneous access control.



Since 1991

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"We link the physical world with the digital world"

We are the specialist for transfer solutions in different industries & applications.

Our portfolio is constantly expanding with innovative solutions in future-oriented business fields. We know that many physical objects will be digitised in the near future. Keys will be exchanged for QR codes, mobile phones will replace ID cards, cash or tickets. Whether analogue or digital - both require processes that need to be revolutionised.

The KEMAS core principle

Capture and bundle material corporate assets, make access to the resulting pool of resources available to different users, and design the handover process in a secure and unambiguous way.

Everything from one source

KEMAS is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and still develops and manufactures software and hardware from a single source at the company's site in Oberlungwitz (Saxony). The company has a strong national and international network of partners. Björn Grämer and Volker Rattmann lead the medium-sized company at the Sachsenring, which has about 100 employees.

Inside KEMAS

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Customer magazine

We would like to give our customers and you as interested parties even more interesting insights into the KEMAS world. That is why we publish an annual customer magazine. In it you will find exciting stories about our employees, successful projects and satisfied customers.

Issue 2023 available now. Enjoy reading


We are constantly developing new ideas to set trends or fulfil customer wishes. Some of them are for the wastepaper bin - but some go down in KEMAS history as outstanding inventions.

We have been able to apply for patents and utility models for many of these innovations. They provide the foundation for our continued successful development.

History of KEMAS GMBH


From the first automatic key machine to a versatile solution portfolio

Hans-Jürgen Grämer founded the company KEMAS in 1991. Nevertheless, it all started at Grämer's previous company, Robotron, in what was then Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz), with an inefficient process - manual, paper-based key issue and return. In the mornings there were long queues, in the evenings enormous piles of keys accumulated, which had to be sorted onto the classic "nail board" in a tedious and error-prone manner. "You can do better than that!" he summed up, and the first prototype of an automatic key management system was born.


KEMAS is part of the KEBA AG

On 31 May 2016, KEMAS GmbH became part of the KEBA group of companies.

The Austrian company with headquarters in Linz took over the majority of KEMAS GmbH. The brand and thus also the name KEMAS remain and operate under the umbrella of KEBA AG. The operational management of KEMAS remains with the established management team in Oberlungwitz.

The focus is on working in a partnership basing on trust and respect. The competencies of both companies are to be expanded and synergies should be used in order to be able to offer a more comprehensive solution portfolio for existing and future customers.


Restructuring and further development

Over the years, the company has developed into a provider of automated, process-oriented transfer solutions. Whether keys, vehicles, work equipment, documents, electronic equipment, textiles, identification media, weapons, etc. - all resources need to be used efficiently in the daily core business.

Customer requirements have become more complex over the years and are the driving force behind new innovations from KEMAS GmbH.



The success of KEMAS is built on the commitment and skills of our employees. In the meantime, our team has grown to about 100 people and is just as versatile in its range of tasks and competences as our solution and product portfolio.

As before, everything can be found under one roof at the company site in Oberlungwitz - from sales and marketing to project management, development, production and service. Short distances and close coordination enable us to react quickly and flexibly. We rely on the knowledge and skills of our highly trained employees and on a good mix of experience and fresh ideas.

In summary, this means for you:
Your tailor-made projects are in the best hands with us!