KEMAS turns a great 30 - but in no way old


On 11.03.1991 KEMAS was foundet.

There is hardly any other birthday that is talked about as much as the thirtieth. At 29, you are still a young gun, allowed to try things out, make mistakes and grow from them. Nevertheless, the pressure of expectations increases - for at 30, you are supposed to be a real adult. It becomes more difficult to "just do it". And that's only logical. After all, over the years you have built up something, you have companions who rely on you. But at the same time, this is also a good time to rethink and question everything: What will take me forward? Have I chosen the right partners? What is the right way to go on?

Innovation.Courage.Future. This mission statement represents our direction and will also guide us in the years to come. We have already looked back on the history of KEMAS in 2019 with the farewell of Hans-Jürgen Grämer. It is a genuine part of us. Without the courage of the company founder to take the risk of starting his own company in 1991, with products that were nowhere to be found on the market before, without the later milestones, we would not be here now. Quite a risk 30 years ago. Set in the world of today, everyone would say: a start-up with innovative, future-ready products.

However, on our 30th birthday, we are focusing more on the future. We can rely on almost 100 experienced colleagues who track down trends, spot opportunities and develop innovations out of them. Who have the courage to question old routines and, when necessary, to initiate a process of change. We are also committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with our trainees and students. We challenge and encourage them to develop their own ideas and involve them in processes at an early stage in order to increase their confidence in their potential. As a result, each employee contributes to the future of the company day by day.

Our product portfolio is also future-oriented. From the very first terminal system, we have always strived for the ultimate in customer benefits. That has not changed even after 30 years. However, the requirements have. Whereas simple key management used to be sufficient in the past, today's systems are more complex and, above all, more digital. The way our customers' business models change, so do our solutions: Click&Collect and Managed Services are two examples. Our agility will help us to keep up with the ever faster pace of change in the future.

Let's get back to the opening thought. Have we grown up? We clearly answer with a yes! The last 30 years have prepared us well for being an adult. We can build on a wealth of experience and have the constant will to continue to fill this repository with know-how. In addition, we do not only have the best employees, but great customers, partners and friends as well. All this makes us optimistic. We would be delighted if you continued to join us a little way further down the road: with the courage to find innovative solutions for the future.

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