Think about the new school year before the holidays:


self-service terminals for learning materials and certificates

If pupils and students are not taught at school or university every day as usual or if facilities have to be closed completely, it is often no longer possible to hand over learning materials between teachers and students. But how else should students get the new textbook from the class set? How can project work, designed posters or other homework get to the teacher and evaluated back to the student? How are certificates given in an emergency?

Sending everything by post or scanning everything is very cumbersome, time-consuming and sometimes not even possible. It is often necessary to hold the original in your hands - especially with certificates. No upload to the learning platform is of any use.

With a handover terminal in the entrance area of schools, universities and other educational institutions, you, as directors and teachers, create a safe and contactless way to exchange teaching materials and comply with current hygiene regulations. At the same time, you can also provide mouth-nose masks for "forgetful people" in the terminal.

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There is a suitable system for every facility.

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