First "24/7 hygiene dispenser" especially for companies


Fast, safe and comfortable

KEMAS has developed a special hygiene machine for their customers. Companies can provide their employees, customers and guests with various hygiene products such as mouth-nose masks, gloves and disinfectants around the clock. The articles are dispensed hygienically at the machine. Employees can access the hygiene items quickly and securely using a chip or ID card, customers and guests by inserting coins or contactless using a card or smartphone.

But you also have an eye on environmental protection. To ensure that no mountains of waste are generated in the company, the reuse and return of reusable consumables is also planned. Here, e.g. cloth masks or protective clothing with UHF-RFID label for electronic identification. After returning to the machine, the items can be picked up, washed, impregnated and disinfected by the service provider and returned for use. In the long run, this procedure not only lowers the costs of waste disposal, but also the costs of buying new hygiene articles.

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