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Key management and management of access media

In addition to perimeter security, access control systems are an important part of enterprise security, in order to protect the infrastructure as much as possible. Although the use of electronic locking systems is increasing, mechanical locking systems still remain an essential part of the company infrastructure - and this includes the administration and issue of mechanical keys, which make it possible to access parts of buildings and rooms.

Here, the challenge is not only to transfer the company-specific access concept into an authorization concept for all internal or external personnel, which is manageable and can be accessed at any time. It also includes the issue and return of the keys. Are your key cabinets adequately secured? In addition, documentation is frequently still carried out manually and requires a signature. Even though this is a tried and tested method, inaccurate documentation can lead to wrong accusations against gate staff and users, or cannot contribute to resolving issues, such as loss of keys. If these or other reasons have led you to search for a solution which increases transparency and security when handling keys, please contact us to discuss this further!

Key management: The secure safekeeping and controlled distribution of keys or access media through self-service terminals.

Are you familiar with these challenges:

  • Is there a detailed overview of who had which key, and when?
  • Are the keys really protected securely against unauthorized access?
  • A key cannot be located. Who was the last person to use it?
  • Is there a way to optimize the labour-intensive and time-consuming issue and return processes?
  • Can the documentation of the issue and return processes always be traced?

Flexible assignment of removal rights

A core part of the solution is a flexible authorization management, which makes it possible to set up access permissions for different user groups depending on requirements. This leads to a partial revoking of "personal possessions". Authorized employees and service providers can use the self-service terminal to access the objects assigned to them, once they have identified themselves with a form of ID or using the dual control principle. The number of keys and IDs to be issued to personnel can be limited based on roles and rights, as well as time periods. The access permissions can be quickly adjusted at any time. It is also possible to display instructions and safety guidelines on the screens of the KEMAS systems and to have these confirmed directly by the user prior to issue.

Key storage made easy

Key removal: After selecting a key on the display the depot opens automatically and the key can be removed.

Key cabinets or wall boards that are not secured electronically, or only in a rudimentary way, can only meet today's requirements for security concepts in a limited fashion.  A KEMAS electronic transfer system offers an ideal solution. Whether you need to store single keys (e.g. office keys, main group keys or master keys), larger bunches of keys, or other access media (e.g. company IDs) - we can provide solutions for every key size. There is a choice between slots and different sized drawers or compartments. You can be sure to find the right solution for your requirements!

RFID tags for increased security

Key identification: RFID tags enable a clear identification of keys.

We use RFID technology as standard, for the clear identification of the keys. The keys are connected to an RFID tag, which is programmed by you in the KEMAS system, assigned to a depot, and labeled with information about the key. Throughout the day, the software can be used to view whether the key was removed by a user, or whether it is in the depot.

Electronic logging of key transfers

Prior to removing or returning a key, every employee must identify themselves at the terminal - using a company ID, chip or PIN code, depending on the means of identification used in your company. After successful identification, the selected key is clearly associated with the user via the RFID tag, and this information is electronically stored accordingly. This means that the secure, transparent and continuous documentation of all key traffic is guaranteed.

Controlling the removal of keys from the premises

A solution is also available if regulations in your company or institution (e.g. prison) require that the keys are not allowed to leave the building. To prevent keys from being removed from the premises by accident, we connect the KEMAS system solution with your access control system. When leaving the building or an area, the ID is used to check in parallel if the object that has been removed is located in its depot. If this is not the case, the respective access control system is not unlocked.

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Your benefits:

  • Secure and organized key storage
  • Access only for authorized persons
  • Reduced workload of the gate personnel
  • Prevention against manipulation, loss and theft
  • Reduction of quantities in circulation
  • Reduction of search time
  • Seamless proof of access
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And this is how it works:

Key management workflow: assignment of permissions, key deposition, identification, removal and return, electronic logbook.

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