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Handling of weapons and ammunition

Certain institutions and facilities, such as police, correctional facilities, power plants, banks, as well as security and guard services, authorise employees to carry firearms while on duty. This is necessary when they have to guarantee the protection of persons and property as part of their responsibilities. Among other things, it must be ensured that only those persons carry a firearm who, on the one hand, have the corresponding certificate and on the other hand, have official permission for the use of a service weapon from their employer.

Moreover, precautions must be taken in accordance with the statutory provisions to ensure that their weapons and the associated ammunition are not lost or cannot be unlawfully acquired by third parties. The storage and transfer of weapons become a key issue as a result. The traditional manual documentation of the issue and return of firearms is a security risk insofar as it is possible for errors to creep in with this type of documentation. This can result in a lack of verifiability for the exact usage period of the firearm. This risk must be reduced so that you, as an employer, are on the safe side - in relation to your employees as well as to your customers.

Weapon handling: the access to weapons through authorised users is documented electronically.

Are you familiar with these challenges:

  • Is the weapon stored securely?
  • Who has permission to access which weapon?
  • Which weapons are currently used by which employees?
  • Are the weapons and ammunition stored separately in accordance with the legal requirements?

Secure storage of firearms and ammunition

Intelligent weapon cabinet: Weapons and ammunition are stored separately.

Institutions and companies use different types of weapons produced by different manufacturers, depending on the required use. Our hardware portfolio reflects this. It is possible to store both handguns and long guns, and this is discussed individually with each customer. KEMAS also maps the separation of firearms and ammunition, as well as the clear identification of the weapon in its depot via RFID tags.

No service weapon without authorized access

Weapon removal: Weapons cannot be removed removed without identification and permission.

Persons who are authorized to carry a firearm while on duty are set up as a user in the system by the person responsible, and are also assigned the respective removal rights for the service weapon. In accordance with the legal requirements and the coordinated security regulations in your company or your institution, the removal right per employee is linked to an electronic identification medium. If your security regulations specify that the removal of the weapons is controlled by two or more entities, this can be set up according to the dual control principle. This type of permission assignment ensures that access to the weapons by unauthorized third parties is prevented.

Ability to verify usage

Weapon usage: All removals and returns are listed in the electronic logbook.

Every removal and return of weapons is electronically logged in the KEMAS system, to support those of your employees who manage the issuing of firearms, or who are authorized to carry a firearm when on duty, and to reduce their workload. This provides you with accurate proof of who was using a weapon at what time. There are two additional advantages in equipping the weapons with RFID tags. Firstly, it makes it possible to uniquely associate a user with a weapon. And secondly, it can also be used in conjunction with the software to confirm that the weapon is stored in the depot when not in service.

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Your benefits:

  • Quick overview of the whereabouts of firearms in the depot
  • Authorization concept ensures clear responsibilities
  • Transparent proof of usage, as well as unique association of weapon to user
  • Clear and seamless logging of removal and return processes
  • Increased security due to separate storage of weapon and ammunition (required by German law)
  • Separation of handguns and long guns (not required by German law)
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And this is how it works:

Weapon handling: assignment weapon to depot, identification, removal, return, proof of usage.

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