Keeping radios safe in depot systems and reducing loss - KEMAS
  • Safekeeping of radios in depot systems.
  • Radios are charged inside the depot.
  • At issue the radio is taken from the charging unit.

Handling of PEDs and radios

Radios or personal emergency devices (PED) are not just work equipment, which makes it possible to contact and locate the employees of your company in any situation. In some areas, they are also necessary protective devices and part of an integrated, centralized alarm management system, e.g. in legal or correctional facilities.

A loss of functionality due to improper handling not only prevents work from running smoothly, but ultimately, it can also jeopardize employee safety. Replacing damaged radio equipment is also a costly process. Do you have questions? Please contact us to discuss this further!

Securing of radios: access to PEDs is restricted, radios remain operational and loss is reduced.

Are you familiar with these challenges?

  • Loss of equipment means that it cannot be guaranteed that all those employees, who require PEDs and radios in their daily work can actually be equipped with them. How can this be prevented?
  • How can we ensure that the communication devices are stored at a central location in an organized manner?
  • How can we prevent it that anyone can simply take the equipment?
  • Personal emergency devices (PEDs) have become unusable due to damage and must be replaced. This gives rise to major replenishment costs. How can the event or person that caused the damage be identified?

Reduction of losses

Access control for radios: every authorised user has to identifiy at the depot system.

Frequently, a major reason for the loss of PEDs and radios is that they are accessible for everyone. Access restriction is therefore a central part of the KEMAS solution. Only authorized employees can remove and return radios during their working hours using their employee ID. The KEMAS depot systems are also used as a central location for the organized and secure storage of the radios outside of working hours.

Charging the battery in the compartment

Charging unit inside depot: radios are recharged after usage and are thus always operational.

To ensure the operational capability of the radios, and ultimately the safety of the employees, each compartment contains a charging station for the radio stored there. On return, the users place the radio into the charging cradle so that the battery can be recharged after the end of their shift. In case of pool devices, it is possible to define a period of time during which the radio cannot be removed.

Combined solution for forensic units and correctional facilities

PEDs and keys in one locker: enables the removal of radios and keys at the same time.

KEMAS provides solutions specifically for forensic units and correctional facilities, which facilitates the administration and simultaneous issue and return of PEDs and cell keys, as well as bunches of keys. Every key or bunch of keys is equipped with an RFID tag, which makes it possible to clearly detect its presence in the compartment. All issues and returns are automatically logged in the electronic gate book. To prevent keys from being removed from the premises by accident, we connect the KEMAS system solution with your access control system.

Damage reporting

The KEMAS solution will lead to a more careful handling of the PEDs and radios. Despite this, devices can become defective and must be repaired. A status query on return provides quick notification to your service team, and the devices can be promptly made available again to all users after being repaired.

Your benefits:

  • Organized and protected storage of PEDs and radios
  • Access only for authorized persons
  • Operational readiness of the radios is ensured through integrated charging cradles
  • More careful handling by employees
  • Reduced losses mean lower replenishment costs
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And this is how it works:

Handling of PDAs and radios: assigning permissions, putting radio into charger, checking charging status.

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