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Vehicle key management and order tracking in the car trade

Demonstration cars, new cars, used cars, customer vehicles, rental vehicles, service vehicles - irrespective of the number of vehicles that are your responsibility in the car dealership, this above all represents a substantial financial value. This can sometimes give rise to dishonest thoughts and actions.

Besides customer service, the security of the internal and external areas is one of the most important tasks. Spare vehicle keys and vehicle movement keys must therefore be stored very securely. But an organizational aspect is also of importance in this context. This is because the movement of the keys by the personnel of the car dealership must be well documented across all areas, in order to reduce the times spent searching for them during daily operations to a minimum. This, of course, also applies to the period between receipt and return of customer vehicles. 

Car key management: the usage of car keys is always transparent, search times are reduced.

Are you familiar with these challenges?

  • What is the best way to protect vehicle keys against unauthorized access?
  • We frequently have to search for vehicle keys. How can these search times be avoided?
  • When a service is required, our customers would generally like to drop off their cars at flexible times. Is there a way to ensure that cars can be received safely even outside of business hours?

Securing vehicle keys

Two factors make a significant contribution to reducing the misuse and theft of vehicle keys. For the period during which the vehicles are in the possession or custody of the car dealership, all keys of a car are stored in a depot of the KEMAS terminals. At the same time, access to the keys is clearly defined using a permissions and role concept. Employees of the car dealership working in areas such as sales, service, or preparation can only access vehicle keys by identifying themselves at the KEMAS terminal.

Improving internal organization

From delivery to sale, or in a specific service case, the vehicle movement keys are managed as internal orders. Every vehicle key is linked to an RFID tag and is assigned an order number. The employee responsible then deposits the vehicle key in the KEMAS terminal. The key is removed by entering the order number. The employees can always view the current location of the vehicle online, for example in the showroom, the workshop or the garage. The system can be connected to your dealer management system.

24-hour terminal for increased customer service

It is important for your customers that they can drop off and collect their vehicles at flexible times. With the 24-hour terminal, you ensure that vehicles can be transferred around the clock without the need for personnel. Your customer enters the most important customer data, selects the service required and drops in the keys at the terminal. The return lock ensures that the keys cannot be retrieved again. The order is digitally transmitted to the service team and your customer is notified as soon as the vehicle can be collected. You can provide an account of all steps at any time, which strengthens the trust between you and your customers!

24h terminal: acceptance and return of car keys at any time.

Integrated security

All transactions at the KEMAS terminal between employees and customers are logged for the entire period in which the vehicle keys are in the custody of the car dealership. Your integrated security concept is further strengthened by linking the KEMAS system with additional security systems such as burglar alarms, access control, alarm management and video surveillance.

  • Protection of the vehicle keys against misuse and theft
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Reduction of search and walking times through internal order tracking
  • Key receipt and return for customers around the clock, without the need for personnel
  • Integration into the workflow of the car dealership
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And this is how it works:

Car key management workflow: assigning order number to car key, connect with RFID tag, deposit.

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