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Corporate Carsharing - intelligent management of vehicle pools

Many companies also depend on vehicles to provide their services - including sales, service or logistics. It is your task as the fleet and mobility manager to manage, administer and organize the vehicle pool as effectively and efficiently as possible. In doing so, you also have to ensure that your employees can be mobile exactly when required, and in accordance with the specifications of the car policy of your company. This is not an easy task, and the challenge grows with the fleet size and number of employees.

In addition to procuring the vehicles and ensuring their operational readiness, well thought-out organization is required. As a result, a vehicle fleet involves an extensive range of tasks. You take reservations for business trips, and schedule the vehicles according to specific criteria to ensure balanced utilization. You and your colleagues are also responsible for issuing and taking back the vehicle keys. You document who actually used the pool vehicles, and whether they need to be brought to the garage or another fleet service provider on return. Would you like to optimize the time-consuming organization and save costs as a result? Then please contact us to discuss this further!

Vehicle transfer: At self-service terminals vehicle keys can be distributed and vehicles can also be booked and planned directly.

Are you familiar with these challenges?

  • How can optimal scheduling be guaranteed, to achieve the best possible utilization of all vehicles?
  • How can it be proven who used which vehicle, and when?
  • How can damages be traced?
  • How can it be ensured that vehicle keys, vehicle documents and other resources are also issued outside of operating hours?

Booking mobility via the reservation platform

Vehicle reservation: Vehicles can be booked according to the most various criteria.

The mobility requirement is captured through a reservation platform, either online or on the intranet. After initial registration, all eligible employees can use it to reserve a vehicle from their workstation or mobile phone. Reservations can also be made directly at the self-service terminal. Mobility can be booked according to various criteria. These include booking period, trip purpose, destination, vehicle type and equipment options, among others. Recurring appointments can be set for regular trips. Our solution also makes it possible to take into account trips between different company locations.

Scheduling is the be-all and end-all

Vehicle scheduling: Vehicles can be scheduled according to different criteria.

On foot of the reservation request, your employee receives a reservation confirmation by email or SMS - either for mobility or already for a specific vehicle from the pool. On the one hand, scheduling can be carried out manually by your dispatcher. On the other hand, the carpool NET software application facilitates automatic scheduling. To ensure the best possible utilization of the vehicle fleet, the system can schedule according to mileage, vehicle group, trip purpose, driving license categories, lease term or CO2 emissions, among others. The configuration of the optimization criteria is customer-specific. Optionally, vehicles can also be assigned shortly before the vehicle key is collected. The reservation calendar provides a clear graphical display of the utilization of the vehicles.

Vehicle access via self-service terminals

Vehicle key pick-up: The vehicle key is picked up and returned at the self-service terminal.

Vehicle keys are issued and returned using the KEMAS transfer terminals, which do not require any personnel. At the agreed start of the booking, the employee identifies himselve at the self-service terminal and picks up the vehicle key. Registration papers and navigation systems can also be deposited here. On return, the driver is queried about any damage directly at the terminal. If vehicles are defective your service provider is notified, because quick response times ensure the operational readiness of the vehicles. The vehicle key is released from the self-service terminal, and the vehicle is also returned to the fleet in the same way.

Ensuring high availability

Vehicle rebooking: Vehicles can be (re)scheduled till departure time and rental cars can be booked in addition.

Your objective is to ensure mobility. For this reason, overdue bookings are canceled after a certain period and the vehicles are again made available to the vehicle pool. If, on the other hand, a vehicle that has already been scheduled unexpectedly becomes unavailable due to damage or late return, the booking is transferred automatically. Of course, it is also possible that your entire vehicle pool is fully booked during peak times. What then? The booking request of your employees is automatically transferred via an interface to a rental car provider, who supplies the rental cars to your vehicle pool on a temporary basis using the self-service terminal.

Dashboard for process control

Dashboard: KPIs at one glance by means of graphically processed vehicle and usage data.

Besides an electronic log and customized reporting, we also provide you with a dashboard as an additional control tool. This provides you with an even quicker overview of the relevant fleet data. The visual processing of the usage and vehicle data in the context of the data history provides you with at-a-glance information about vehicle stock, the utilization level of your vehicle pool according to various criteria, as well as damage and service history. It is your decision which key figures should be displayed on your dashboard.

Networked fleet

Vehicle fleets generally use several mobility systems in parallel, which become an integral solution when combined - and KEMAS forms a part of this. The project-related integration with other systems, such as reservation software (e.g. Citric), electric mobility, travel management, telematics, business fleet software and accounting software (e.g. AirPlus, SAP), car rentals, repair and maintenance services, avoids media discontinuities and closes information gaps. Process costs are saved. This integration capacity of the KEMAS system solution increases the flexibility to create customized solutions. As a result, the KEMAS software and self-service terminal form an information hub in the vehicle fleet and are an important guarantee for mobility.

Your benefits:

  • Permanent overview of availability and utilization of pool vehicles
  • Optimization of vehicle utilization and long-term cost reduction
  • Reduced scheduling effort through automated reservation and scheduling
  • Transfer of vehicle keys and other resources does not require personnel to be present
  • Dashboard for vehicle fleet key figures at a glance
  • Electronic log book

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