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Electronic driving license check

As a fleet operator in the Federal Republic of Germany, you are subject to the statutory owner liability. In accordance with the German Road Traffic Law (StVG) section 21, it is the task of the fleet manager to ensure that all employees who are permitted to drive a vehicle in the company also have a valid driving licence, or that any restrictions are complied with. In this context, it is irrelevant whether the vehicles have been purchased or are used through a leasing contract. If you do not comply with your owner liability, because one of your employees has caused an accident without a valid driving license, this may not only be costly, but also result in criminal consequences.

As the fleet manager, you probably view the conventional manual license check as one of the more unpleasant "To Dos" that are part of the daily fleet operations. The original driving license must always be viewed during every check. Two checks per year are generally recommended. While this is still more or less manageable in a small fleet, in larger fleets, it becomes a procedure that requires a lot of personnel, time and documentation. We assist you in fulfilling your statutory owner liability easily and securely!

Electronic driving license check: automated, cyclic control of driving licenses by means of RFID label.

Are you familiar with these challenges:

  • How can we, as a company, easily and securely comply with the statutory owner liability?
  • Is there a way to optimize the time-consuming manual driving license check?
  • Data sovereignty is important to us. Is this guaranteed by electronic auxiliary systems?
  • Which of our employees are permitted to drive vehicles from the company pool?
  • Are the driving licenses of our employees valid?
  • When is the next check due?

Driving license check using RFID label

RFID label for driving license: the label is affixed to the driving license at a suitable place and becomes inoperable at removing.

In order to facilitate the electronic check of driving licenses, an identification medium is required. KEMAS uses a UHF RFID label for this purpose. This KEMAS license label is applied directly to the driving license of the employee at a neutral point, so that no important information is hidden. The German Federal Ministry for Transport does not raise any legal concerns regarding the application of a RFID label to a driving license. The label is designed so that it is destroyed both from a functional and visual perspective when an attempt is made to pull it off. As a result, a transfer to third parties is not possible.

Software facilitates work

Driving license check software: entering data of driving licenses, definition of checking cycles, notification function.

After the label is applied, the label IDs are read into the licence NET software application, associated with the employee, and the most important data of the license, e.g. driving license number, type, and class, are captured. The KEMAS licence NET software application is used to define various inspection intervals for individual periods. Our system then automatically reminds employees by email to carry out the electronic license check at the KEMAS terminal. If there is a failure to comply with the time periods, the responsible fleet manager is informed and can fulfil their supervisory duties.

Your benefits:

  • Compliance with the statutory owner liability
  • RFID label as means for process optimization in vehicle fleets
  • Reduction in the effort required frees up resources
  • Proper documentation for authorities and internal audit
  • Data that has been generated is retained securely in the company
  • Customizable control intervals
  • Clear cost transparency through one-off acquisition costs without follow-on costs
  • Cost savings through automated control process

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And this is how it works:

Electronic driving license check workflow: affixing RFID label, entering data of driving licenses, defining check cycles.

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