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KEMAS texLOG ® - intelligent workwear management

Supplying employees with workwear can be a real challenge, both from a personnel and logistical perspective. Central laundry services are frequently not open around the clock, and it can happen that the workwear issued per employee is not sufficient. In may be necessary to distinguish different personnel groups through model variations. In this context, the effort associated with the marking of the personal sets of clothing items should not be underestimated. So how can you support the efficient control of the "workwear" flow of goods? 

Workwear management: UHF RFID based laundry cabinets improve textile inventory control.

Are you familiar with these challenges:

  • How large is our linen inventory, and what is the actual requirement?
  • How can we keep an overview of the number of textiles in circulation?
  • Should we consider a changeover to a size-related supply?
  • Which cost centers can the textiles be associated with?
  • Does our organization have a firm grip on hygiene management?
  • How can the available areas for the management of workwear be used in an optimal manner?

RFID tags for increased transparency

Elextronic labelling: the goods flow textile becomes visible by means of UHF RFID tags.

Textile UHF RFID transponders are a central part of the solution KEMAS texLOG ®. This permanent electronic tagging makes it possible to document the life cycle of the clothing items as part of the internal supply at the end customer, and even in the laundry or at the textile service provider. The workwear items are identified at the supply points during stocking, removal, return and disposal. The information about the item and the wearer are thereby linked to facilitate the continuous administration of the textile inventory. The "workwear" textile flow of goods eventually becomes transparent.

Administration of master textile data

Textile masterdata: the laundry inventory becomes transparent through textile UHF RFID tags.

The information about the item and the wearer are defined in the tex NET software application. After the transponders have been attached in the clothing items, their data are linked in the software. The corresponding size and item group is associated with each transponder ID. This results in a database of all textiles, which can be extended in a flexible way, depending on requirements.

Intelligent laundry dispensing systems

Intelligent laundry cabinets: textile inventory is automatically updated after removal or filling.

Depending on your needs and building requirements, and optimized for the route planning of companies, production areas or organizations, central areas as for the issuing of workwear can be networked with decentralized, RFID-enabled laundry cabinets. When these are combined in an intelligent way, this can lead to savings in personnel time that was spent traveling and searching. Because the transfer stations are also available round-the-clock, every employee can access clean workwear at any time.

Intelligent laundry cabinets: textile inventory is automatically updated after removal or filling.

Allocation of pooled clothing

When workwear is supplied on a per person basis, every employee receives a fixed set of clothing items per delivery cycle. Since the textiles can be traced by electronic tagging, it is also worth considering a size-related supply instead of a personal supply. When clothing is pooled, employees are assigned a quota which they can remove, with a maximum number of parts per item. Within this framework, they can obtain clean workwear from the issuing systems at any time. When the quota is exhausted, the employee must first return used clothing to replenish their quota. 

Your benefits:

  • Availability around the clock
  • Easy operator guidance for users
  • Reduction of losses and shrinkage
  • Ongoing inventory updates
  • Overview of textile inventory in real time
  • Reports on meaningful usage data for demand optimization and determination of supply costs
  • Electronic log for transparency of all processes
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And this is how it works:

texLOG workwear management: inventory of labelled textiles, filling, pick-up of garments, return, evaluation of usage data.

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