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Handling of work resources and tools

In the broadest sense of the word, work resources refer to devices which are required for the performance of a certain task. These can of course vary, depending on the type of industry or activity. In a production department, for example, measuring instruments, toolboxes, but also larger objects such as monitoring cars and ladders, among others, may be required for a smooth workflow. In contrast, teaching activities at a university require work resources such as laptops, overhead projectors and other equipment in the seminar rooms to teach courses.

Work resources that are not returned to their assigned location or are defective can cause significant obstructions in the work flow. In addition, it is often the case that not every employee in a company has their own work resources. This can have several reasons: investment costs that are too high, insufficient storage capacity or insufficient usage. For you, this means that the work resources must be made available to your employees during specific periods and depending on tasks. This type of planning is of course associated with additional effort. Not to mention the maintenance effort, which arises incidentally and must also be planned for.

If you believe that your tasks have become too time-intensive, and you could use support in the Administration, organization and optimization with the help of tool dispensing systems, then please contact us!

Intelligent tool management: improved planning and control over the usage of tools and work equipment by means of RFID.

Are you familiar with these challenges?

  • Which work resources are currently in use?
  • Where are the resources stored?
  • Who documents their usage?
  • Which work resources are used intensively, or used very little?
  • How can faults and shortcomings be documented centrally and repairs be initiated as quickly as possible?

Tool administration and demand planning

All devices are registered in the tool administration software by means of an RFID tag or RFID label. Access rights are assigned to staff according to tasks and professional Groups. Via the internal booking platform your employees can book frequently required tools and devices for a certain time period. On the other hand, it makes it possible for your service employees to book the objects for regular maintenance intervals. As a result, the reservation calendar provides you with an overview of upcoming dates at all times.

Tool dispensing systems

All tools and devices are assigned to a depot within the tool dispensing system through their unique ID. Your employees identify before taking the booked tools. When they remove and return work resources, the screen of the self-service terminal prompts them directly about the condition of the items, and if there are possible faults or defects. If tools are defective, you service employees are notified immediately. This facilitates short response times for repairs and a quick return of the devices to the usage cycle.

Reducing quantities and costs

The registration of the work resources not only provides you with an overview of the actual inventory of work resources. Based on the usage data that is captured, it is also possible to evaluate which work resources from the inventory are reserved at what frequency, and which are actually used. This allows you to define savings potentials.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal availability of resources and overview of their use around the clock
  • Reduction of the numbers in circulation through sharing of resources and usage analyses
  • Prevention of obstructions in the workflow through reservation of work resources
  • Minimization of loss through transparent transfer processes
  • Short reaction times through direct capture of faults during removal and return
  • Secure storage of resources

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