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Transfer processes take place in companies on a daily basis.Guidelines specify the storage, assignment and transfer of valuables and other objects.Without automated solutions, it is not always easy to comply with these rules and to verify the transfer processes accordingly.

Intelligent transfer solutions supplied by KEMAS help you to manage these challenges and provide increased transparency and regulation. They offer you the possibility to securely store a wide variety of resources in the KEMAS transfer systems, to automate scheduling and delivery, and to provide information about the inventory, usage, condition and availability.Individual authorization concepts also allow you to prevent unauthorized access.

Please take some time to explore how KEMAS solutions can support you in your daily tasks. Don't hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to advise you! 

Key management

Visitor management

Handling of mail and documents

Handling of PEDs and communication systems

Handling of drugs and substances

Handling of work resources and tools

Handling of weapons and ammunition

Management of textiles


Vehicle key management for car dealerships

Management of pool vehicles

Electronic driving license check

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