Integration into other management systems - KEMAS
  • The integration of KEMAS ensures a holistic solution for customers.

Interfaces to other management systems

The implementation of customized processes of our customers is always paramount for us in solution design.

This facilitates the seamless implementation of security and automation in day-to-day operations. Mandatory processes avoid errors in dealing with scarce resources or sensitive items. Important information becomes available and can be combined quickly, clearly and without media discontinuation, and forms the basis for increased efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to the creation of specific, project-driven interfaces, the following standard processes are available.

  • CSV - import of personal master data
  • XML - import / export of master data and permissions
  • Webservice - library for master data, permissions and actions
  • OPC server - display of alarms and events
  • LDAP - import of personnel master data and system states
  • NFC - matching of system-specific characteristics, data (related to persons or actions)