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Identification technologies

Person Identification

Quick and unambiguous identification is required to check the entry rights, and in particular the access rights, of a person. A wide range of procedures can be used for this purpose. KEMAS uses many different procedures for person identification, from traditional ID registration up to biometric recognition. If a person identification procedure is already used in your company, we can also incorporate this without any great additional effort.

We already use the following procedures for person identification:

PIN code and password procedure

ID card


Driving license

TAN process

QR code

Object Identification

To determine which object is used where and for how long, unique, automated capture is required. The procedures that can be used depend on the physical characteristics of the object, the process flows, and also on economic factors.
KEMAS uses RFID based processes, in which the objects are uniformly encoded afterwards. If it should not be possible to code the objects (e.g. due to their physical characteristics), we can also use optical or gravimetric procedures, or processes from the field of sensor technology for object identification.

We already use the following procedures for object identification:

RFID tag

RFID label

Textile UHF RFID transponder

Optical processes

Gravimetric processes

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