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Depot systems

The KEMAS depot systems allow you to organize the ordered handling, as well as the storage and transfer, of material resources such as bunches of keys, personal alarm signal devices, laptops, training technology, storage media, tools and test equipment, medical devices, medicines, textiles, documents or weapons.

The size of the depots can be varied depending on the size of the objects, and can be combined in different ways. The depot systems can also be equipped with compartment monitoring to identify the contents of the depot. Individual specifications, such as viewing windows, slots, sockets, or network cable connections, can be provided. Each compartment column is equipped with a mechanical emergency unlock, which makes it possible to open it in the event of a fault. The compartment systems can be extended on a per-column basis.

We offer you the following depot systems:

Depot system security

Depot system prison

Depot system weapon

Depot system tex

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