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How do KEMAS solutions work?

As a KEMAS customer, you will ultimately receive a solution that is tailored to your exact requirements. How is this possible, you wonder? We are able to provide a very high degree of individualization, firstly, because we capture and assess your requirements within the framework of our consulting and project management services. Secondly, we work with standardized components in the course of the technical implementation. In addition to our transfer terminals for the physical protection of material resources, the software applications for the control of the administrative and user processes, the identification technologies for the unique identification of persons and objects, this also includes the integration into your existing infrastructure. When combined and configured accordingly, they provide exactly the solution which best addresses your issues.

Software: administration processes and user workflows are controlled with the KEMAS software.

KEMAS software as the centerpiece

Our software is the centrepiece of the KEMAS solutions. It forms the basis for the control and documentation of permissions and the mapping of processes and is complemented by the KEMAS hardware. The KEMAS NET ® platform serves as the basis for the administration of all KEMAS system solutions. A range of web and terminal applications, which are scaleable and can be combined with each other, connect to this platform. Messaging functions, trigger and reporting functions are as much part of the software as the setting up of client groups. 

Transfer terminals for the protection of your material resources

The KEMAS transfer terminals are used as a central focal point for the automated transfer, secure storage, interim storage, issue and return of objects. In order to implement these functions, KEMAS offers two product lines, the modular system and the depot system.

Both hardware versions are suitable for installation in indoor and outdoor areas, are equipped with a mechanical emergency unlock and can be extended in a flexible way. In addition, the refined design in dark gray and brushed stainless steel means that each transfer station is an eye-catching feature, and can also be designed in line with your corporate design Guidelines.

Self-service terminal: safekeeping, transfer, removal and return of assets.
Identification: person access is restricted and assets are detected inside the depots.

Identification technologies are indispensable

There has been an enormous upturn in identification technologies over the past decades. The use of these technologies and the corresponding hardware makes it possible to automatically provide information on persons and goods. KEMAS uses person identification as well as object identification in its solutions. The identification of persons at the KEMAS transfer systems ensures that only authorized users can have access to objects deposited there. Object identification improves the validity of the electronic log through the clear association of persons and objects in the transactions.

Integration into your infrastructure

Experience shows that KEMAS solutions are never stand-alone solutions, but are always part of the infrastructure already present in your company. Interfaces are used to exchange data, avoid media discontinuities and reduce duplication of data maintenance. This forms the basis to facilitate real integrated process optimisation and automation.

Interface: KEMAS systems are always part of the infrastructure.

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