Join us at SECURITY 2018 in Essen - register and get a day ticket for free - KEMAS

Join us at SECURITY 2018 in Essen - register and get a day ticket for free

"Mix & Match" solutions for more flexibility


„Mix & Match – multi-application solutions made by KEMAS”

On SECURITY 2018 KEMAS presents solutions for more security and economics in dealing with corporate values. Solutions always MEAN a combination from hard- and software, identification and interfaces. Target is the protection of access media, work tools or data from manipulation, loss or abuse. With the introduction of access and authorization management for different user groups, security-relevant objects can be managed centrally.

Through the multi-application ability different processes and workflows can be merged and mapped in one infrastructure. This is an additional added value.

Solutions for high security area

More than 130 correctional facilities and forensic clinics in Germany trust in solutions made by KEMAS. We show RFID-based depot-systems for controlled hands out and safety storage of cell keys, weapons and personal emergency devices.


On e-reception attenders could pick up the motto ”mix & match” especially clear. Next to visitor management, also carpool management can be shown through embracing further software of KEMAS.

Handling with work resources and tools

For production and maintain you will need measuring instruments and toolboxes across departments. If these devices are not available or missing it can cause delays and it costs a lot of money. RFID-based hands over systems can improve workflow through high availability and fast reaction.

Managed services

With managed services we show, how to outsource several areas like hardware provision for new employees or as a replacement device. It can be done by a service provider or you can also improve the workflow at the company.  Do not leave it to chance, whether your employees and customers are able to work!

We are pleased to meet you at our booth 3C130 at hall 3! Please register at and we will send you a day ticket for free.

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