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Who is KEMAS?

Since 1991, KEMAS GmbH has been the market leader in Germany in the field of customer and employee-operated transfer automation based on RFID technology. The company is located in Oberlungwitz at the MotoGP circuit Sachsenring in the Free State of Saxony.

The core competencies of KEMAS are process-driven self-service solutions in all aspects of the transfer of material resources (e.g. keys, mail, work equipment, tools, textiles, weapons, etc.). The transfer solutions make it possible to record, administer, store, book, schedule and deliver objects, while providing simultaneous access control.

The KEMAS key principle

KEMAS solutions have always been based on the key principle of POOLING-SHARING-HANDLING: to collect and pool material resources, provide access to the resulting resource pool for different users, and to ensure that the transfer process is carried out in a secure and clearly defined manner.

Everything from a single source

KEMAS is ISO 9001:2008 certified and continues to develop and produce in-house at the company location in Oberlungwitz (Saxony). The company has a national and international network of partners. Hans-Jürgen Grämer and Björn Grämer manage the medium-sized company with over 90 employees in the first and second generation.

Find out more about the three KEMAS divisions:

Are you looking for increased security and transparency when transferring objects?

Would you like to optimize your fleet processes to ensure mobility?

Do you want to make work equipment and supplies available on demand?

Added value for our customers

The benefits of KEMAS solutions are wide-ranging. Increased effectiveness and transparency is achieved through standardized transfer processes, as well as proof of the transactions. The security concept of your company is strengthened by ensuring the physical protection of the objects, as well as by permissions management. Economic efficiency is improved through a reduction of the quantities in circulation. The availability of the objects is ensured because they can be deployed round the clock, without the need for personnel.

Answers to your questions

KEMAS helps you to control and manage material resources intelligently and efficiently, and provides solutions to the following challenges, among others: How to ensure that only authorized personnel, visitors, contractors are permitted to access certain resources? How to book material resources? How to prove in a verifiable way who was handling what, and when? How many resources are actually in circulation? How can access be ensured outside of regular office hours? How can employees be freed from the burden of routine tasks and documentation requirements?

Self-service terminals as information systems

KEMAS solutions are based on mechatronic depot systems, intelligent administration and application software that can be configured to individual customer requirements, as well as the complete range of technologies for the identification of persons and objects. The solutions are integrated into the existing infrastructure for customers via interfaces. The combination of the individual technical elements results in an information system that provides real-time usage data.

One million transactions per day

Throughout the world, around 220,000 KEMAS depots in the judicial, industrial, pharmaceutical, financial, as well as the healthcare sector are opened and closed every day. However, the number of individual transactions exceeds this value many times over!

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